Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Principal 1: Put Patients Interests First

Last week, I needed to take some time out to really think about where we are heading and what provisions we must take to be responsible and conscientious of what was going on around us. I am very lucky to have an incredible team that had immediately adapted to working from home, ensuring that our clients and our candidates were all well informed of our plans to continue working remotely and offering guidance on how we plan to support them over the next coming months.

We had a mixed response in how practices were operating, with the majority of the vacancies that had been shared with us being put on hold. With this, our community members have been nothing but professional, supportive and understanding which makes things so much easier for everyone. We are committed to supporting each and every one of our clients and candidates and when this finally comes to an end, we hope that with us working behind the scenes and preparing for normality, that we will be able to help our practices bounce back as soon as possible.

Useful links for updated guidance can be found by visiting The BDA, The GDC, and The Faculty of General Dental Practice.

“Stick by your employees because we will stick by you”

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson

Like many other business owners in uncertain times, it came as a great relief to hear the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak announce the support available from the HMRC in response to COVID-19 with a key point being that to avoid redundancies, employers can designate affected employees as 'furloughed workers' to receive 80% of their wages reimbursed to a cap of £2,500. This most certainly relieves some pressure. It is a great shame that this news had not come sooner, as it was reported that 200,000 people lost their jobs in the last few weeks. This will mostly offer some security to Dental Nurses, Receptionists, Practice Managers and other support staff, but leaves a lot more outstanding for our self employed team members. We can only hope that they too, receive some security at this time and will keep them in our thoughts and wishes.

We have been thinking about ways in which Diamond Dental Staff can offer support during this time. A sense of community is at our core and though we have some limitations, we wont let that stop us from doing all we can to try and make the best out of a really sh***y situation.

You may or may not already be aware, that we have partnered with The HR Department in that, Serena May and I work closely in our Brighton office and I am confident that her team can offer our clients a great amount of guidance and support. In these times, it is essential that you receive expert HR advice, so Serena comes highly recommended, especially

for her Essential COVID-19 HR Package which includes; An updated crisis policy, letters to employees regarding; responsibilities, absences, pay due, check-lists for contingency plans, one months access to telephone and email advice as well as privately provided COVID-19 test packs if so requested.

It is worth mentioning that this is a personal recommendation that fits in with our efforts to build a trusted community by making professional introductions of those within our carefully selected network.

Diamond Dental Staff are also collaborating and are in discussion with The Dental Nurse Network to provide our support, guidance and again a sense of community for Dental Nurses and other Dental Professionals. We are all in this together and we know we have a vital role to help each other through this as and where we can. Keep an eye out on each of our social media pages for updates on what we have planned and how to join in on our discussions.

I have created a SWOT Analysis template with a 30-60-90 day planner to help you think about your personal, professional or practices strengths and weaknesses and to inspire you to find any opportunities that are open to you during this time that will help you in your development. With this, Diamond Dental Staff are happy to help you set/plan or achieve these goals as and where we can. A great example would be to catch up on any CPD.

There are so many online resources available and we would like to encourage you to try and make the most out of any situation.

Free Planner: Download here

It is a very difficult and distressing time for practice owners and the lack of control over this situation is daunting for anyone. Please be kind to each other, show your support, be understanding and do all you can to keep spirits high. We are in this together, and together, we will get through it.

If you need professional support or you feel that a colleague, friend or family member would benefit with having someone to talk to, our friends at HouseOfSelf offer a range of affordable and accessible therapy and coaching services. It is an anxious time for us all, it is imperative that we look after each other and if those around you are having to self isolate, they don't need to feel alone.

From my team and my family to yours, please stay safe, be responsible to limit the spread of this virus, stay home as and when you can and have faith in everything working out in the end. On that note, I am going to end with this poem...

Author Emma Anastasi

Dental Nurse & Managing Director

Diamond Dental Staff


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