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Special Announcement!

Diamond Dental Staff's Founding Director, Emma Anastasi joins Canadian Company SimplyFloss as their UK and European Business Partner and Director of Distribution.

Towards the end of 2020, I had connected with a really cool, Canadian company called SimplyFloss over on Instagram. We initially spoke about trialling a new, medical grade silicone, flossing aid. I had not seen anything like SimplyFloss on the market and was so excited to receive my sample, trial it and share it with anyone that would listen.

Since working with Dr Andrew Dawood, I have been so inspired by innovation which came from his influence and with that, I am currently located at an Innovation Hub in Brighton, sharing the same office space with trailblazers and eco-warriors at PlusX. I feel for the first time in forever, I have found my kind of people and it feels like home.

During our initial conversations, I was bold enough to ask if the company would be happy to donate or gift towards Diamond Dental Staff’s End Of Year Recognition Awards 2020, so we scheduled a meeting to offer some background information and explain the purpose for the awards and SimplyFloss were immediately happy to offer their support.

To say we kicked it off is an understatement. I was so excited to meet and speak with Tammy, Stacey and Larry, and had asked if I could share their product with some dental friends that I knew would be as excited as I was about introducing it to Dental Practices and Patients.

SimplyFloss had Gifted and shared the Floss'n Go (Original) 12 Pack with;

Anna Middleton: Award Winning Dental Hygienist & Dental Therapist. You can view her Demo and product review here;

Guys I am going to be completely honest... Do I floss every day? No, because for me (and many others) it is such a chore and a complete faff! But since being introduced to SimplyFloss, it's a far more enjoyable experience and I can definitely see how this is going to work extremely well for children and adults! It is kinder on the gums, user friendly, fun to use, it's clean, re-usable, and it is a great alternative to traditional floss and other flossing aids that are polluting our planet with nasty plastics.

The only thing I would ask, is that you recycle and if this is not an option with your local waste collection - simply cut the loops to protect our wildlife.

My last meeting of 2020 was with Tammy, Stacey and Larry. We discussed our plans for 2021 and I was asked where I saw our relationship growing. I already made it clear how much I loved the product. Aside from that, every meeting we had was strengthening our relationship and our ethics and values align perfectly, so agreeing to join the SimplyFloss Family as their UK & European Business Partner and Director of Distribution was an absolute no brainer and something I will proudly take out of 2020.

Before Christmas, an old friend from Kings College Hospital came to visit me in Brighton, after 8 years of not seeing each other. We did our first ever podcast with Teddie which will be shared in the future. It is so great to be able to share her review and thumbs-up of SimplyFloss.

Theodora Little: Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapist, Founder of BOB

Meet the Canadian team!

Tammy: Chief Flossing Officer & Founder of SimplyFloss

A Dental Hygienist with over 20 years of experience

Stacey: Vice President, Marketing & Design

Missing from the picture is Larry, who is the Vice President of Sales & Business Operations.

Also missing from the picture are the Pooches of SimplyFloss, check our social channels to meet our fur-babies!

Tammy to the Left (Or Dental Right) and Stacey to the Right (Or Dental Left)

Where Can I Order

If you are buying for yourself, (Business to Consumer) all sales are currently being managed via our UK website:

If you are a Dental Practice that is looking to stock and sell this product to patients, or looking to buy a multi-pack to add to new patient welcome packs or to hand out during Oral Health Education Demonstrations, you can also buy these from the website but for wholesale prices, please speak to Emma directly by calling: 02036085143 or by emailing

To celebrate this partnership, we are running a competition/give away on our Facebook and Instagram pages. For your chance to win a Floss'n Go 12 Pack worth £19.99, connect with us on our social channels and follow the entry requirements. Winners will be announced on Monday 1st February.

Work with us!

For the majority of you, you are already aware that Diamond Dental Staff are a Specialist Dental Recruitment Consultancy and we have a small, close, family run team. Emma works from the Brighton Office, Luke works remotely. In the near future, SimplyFloss UK will be building its team and our preference would be to have Dental Professionals on board. So if you are interested, please feel free to express your interest. We will be able to support virtual roles or have you work alongside Emma in the Brighton Office.

Contact Details


Contact Number: 02036085143


Visit: PlusX Innovation Hub, Lewes Road, Brighton BN2 4GL

Instagram: @simplyfloss


Emma Anastasi

Director Diamond Dental Staff Ltd

Managing Director SimplyFloss UK


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