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Updated: Jan 16

Feature Friday Dr Omesh Modgill

Specialist Oral Surgeon at Kings College Hospital & Founding Director Of The Wisdom Tooth

As someone that has experienced first hand what life at Kings is like, and how passionate the individuals that make up the Dental Institute are, it is my pleasure to welcome this week's ‘Feature Friday’ guest and share an insight into the dental career and journey of our colleague Dr Omesh Modgill.

I met Omesh at Kings College Hospital last year for a hot chocolate at the little café inside the hospital. We had not worked together during my training (way back in 2012), but we had mutual connections and connected over social media. I wanted to hear more about Omesh’s vision for The Wisdom Tooth and I was so happy to learn that many of our values and understanding of training and development are nicely aligned.

Myself and Luke are passionate in sharing alternative journeys or career paths as a way to offer inspiration and to empower or influence change. Which is the reason behind our ‘Feature Friday’ articles.

Our role (or our passion) as Specialist Recruitment Consultants within Diamond Dental Staff, is to help Dental Professionals develop and progress in their careers. We are also heavily involved in helping our clients (Dental Practice owners/Practice Managers) promote sustainability within their team, so we actively encourage our dental clients to ‘Train and Retain’ their team members and to incentivize them, to match their employees commitment to the practice by committing to supporting them in their career advancement. We are BIG on mentoring and believe that the perfect balance is to plan for personal and professional growth. So if this is something you would like to discuss, we will be happy to talk to you about what opportunities or routes are available and would best suit your individual circumstances.

With that, it is also important to us that we build strong relationships with trusted course providers and make time to understand what courses or training they offer, the dates of the intakes, the training style, so we can then introduce the right training provider to support the DCP’s learning style and cheer them on along the way.

So we asked Omesh, if he would be interested in supporting us in our End Of Year Recognition Awards, and through his company The Wisdom Tooth, he kindly donated a £250 voucher for a post qualification NEBDN Accredited course to our ‘Best Dental Nurse 2020’ Category, which was Awarded to Preetee Hylton on Monday 4th January. You can watch the InstaLive recording here.

Here are some questions that we thought you might like to know the answers to;

Where and when did you qualify?

I qualified from the University of Bristol in 2011. I then went on to complete my

vocational training in Essex before moving to Manchester and working as a dental

foundation trainee in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. After working in the North-West

for a couple of years I moved down to London and worked as a Specialty Doctor in

Oral Surgery.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I felt a huge sense of achievement when I qualified as a dentist and even more so

when I was officially recognised by the GDC as a Specialist Oral Surgeon. Whilst I

had passed my exams and completed my training it didn’t really sink in that I was a

specialist until I received my registration certificate a few months later. I can safely

say opening that brown-paper envelope was the highlight so far. It may have just

been a piece of paper, but for me it represented all the hard work it had taken to be

considered a specialist in my field of work and a very proud moment.

Which area of density are you most passionate about?

Oral Surgery! I consider myself really lucky that my roles in both hospital and dental

practice give me the opportunity to help patients with many different treatment

needs. I also feel very privileged to work with dentists and healthcare professionals

with a range of different skill sets in order to achieve the best treatment outcomes for

all patients. Teamwork is so key to everything we as dental professionals do and the

opportunity to practice the part of dentistry I most enjoy with so many others who are

experts in their field means that every day is one I really look forward to.

What is The Wisdom Tooth?

The Wisdom Tooth is a teaching organisation delivering lecture-based and practical

teaching for dentists, dental care professionals and prospective dentists. The

Wisdom Tooth is also an accredited post-registration course provider for the National

Examining Board for Dental Nurses. I founded The Wisdom Tooth as a means to

help dental professionals obtain meaningful positive change in their practice in a

pressure-free environment. Education and learning doesn’t need to be boring or

intense! I definitely think that it should be seen as something to look forward to and

that’s the culture I try to create and maintain in everything The Wisdom Tooth is

involved in.

What inspired you to launch The Wisdom Tooth?

I’ve been involved in teaching since graduating whether for dental students, dental

nurses or dentists. It’s always really fulfilling to know I’ve helped others improve their

confidence and enact a meaningful positive change in their skills, knowledge and

attitudes within dentistry. These are the cornerstones upon which I founded The

Wisdom Tooth. For me there’s nothing more satisfying than being involved in helping

others reach their full potential and The Wisdom Tooth is another avenue by

which I can help fellow colleagues and prospective dentists progress as


What are The Wisdom Tooth’s biggest achievements?

I’ve taken The Wisdom Tooth a long way in a short time and have achieved a

number of milestones that I’m really proud of. I definitely think that one huge

achievement was being recognised by the National Examining Board for Dental

Nurses (NEBDN) as an accredited provider for post-registration courses. It took lots of hard work but I can definitely say it was worth it! Following on from that I was really proud when the first nurses who attended The Wisdom Tooth’s Radiography course passed their exam and received their qualification. It was the first time I had directly been responsible for helping others

gain formal certification enabling them to progress further in their dental careers.

Hopefully with upcoming exams there will be many more moments like this!

Where do you see yourself and The Wisdom Tooth in 3-5 year’s time?

My first and foremost goal is to ensure that all those attending a course run by The

Wisdom Tooth continues to receive teaching of the highest standard. Regardless of

whether I have an audience of 1 or 100 I put my all into providing each of my

delegates with a positive and insightful learning experience.

The great thing is that none of it feels like work to me but rather something that I

always look forward to and I don’t see that changing anytime soon! As overplayed as

it might sound, I’m a firm believer that if you do something out of sheer enjoyment

and without agenda the quality of your work really will show and everything else will

naturally fall into place. In the short time The Wisdom Tooth has been established for

this principle seems to be holding true. It’s a priority for me to ensure that’s the case

in 5 years time and beyond.

I wouldn’t say no to my organisation being the market-leader for dental nurse training

of course! I’m mindful however that this won’t happen without upholding these

principles and never forgetting what’s most important – providing a great educational

experience for all of my delegates.

For more information on Omesh’s training courses with The Wisdom Tooth check out the following links for courses commencing in March 2021:

Orthodontic Course

NEBDN Certificate in Orthodontic Dental Nursing

Dental Radiography

NEBDN Certificate in Dental Radiography

Oral Health Education

NEBDN Certificate in Oral Health Education

Dental Implant Nursing

NEBDN Certificate in Dental Implant Nursing

Contact Details

Dr Omesh Modgill


Call: 07837 224705

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Author: Emma Anastasi, Founding Director

Diamond Dental Staff, Specialist Recruitment Consultancy.


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