Furlough Update

More flexibility with team members returning on a part time basis and still receiving support with The Corona Virus Job Retention Scheme (Furlough Scheme)

Where would many business be without The UK Government’s job retention scheme?

This scheme has dramatically helped the UK's workforce to remain in employment during this pandemic and has supported businesses by covering 80% of their teams wage. Just imagine how many people would have lost their jobs if this was not provided to us. For this, I am eternally grateful to our Government.

The latest update on this scheme is that it has been extended to October 2020. How or where the Government are getting the money to fund this is on everyone's mind but we have enough to worry about. Lets leave that with them and crack on with how the latest updates can support our practices and teams...

With practices aiming to open on 8th June 2020, it might be that some practices keep some team members on Furlough until the practice picks up and this is a great option to support reduced teams and treatments.

It would be great to plan & understand who should return and who will need to stay home. For this, we have added a new HR document to our free download folder. You can download the 'DDS Return to Work Interview' HR document using the link and please, feel free to share with our professional colleagues. We hope it is useful to you.

Last week, Chancellor Rishi Sunak made an announcement of the updated terms of the scheme which I have summarised below.

  • The Government will continue to pay the 80% of wages, but employers will be asked to contribute employee national insurance and pension contributions in August 2020.

  • The Government funding will drop to 70% in September. Employers will contribute the reduced 10% as well as the NI & Pension Contributions.

  • The Employer contribute will increase to 20% in October, where the Job Retention scheme will be reduced to 60%.

What flexibility do we now have? From July 2020, you can now bring your furloughed team members back on a part-time basis! Which I'm sure will offer a great amount of support to both the practice and to team members who are still trying to juggle family commitments, home-schooling and everything else in-between and around returning back to work.

How would this work? Sounds a bit complicated, but actually, it's really not. Employers need to calculate the time worked and would then just claim for the furlough scheme on the days that had not been worked.

Updates on the Job Retention Scheme Now as you can appreciate, there have been many updates and everything is changing quite rapidly. So for live updates, please do check HMRC Online, here's a link

What support can Diamond Dental Staff Offer?

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